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Which group are you in? Only THREE groups of people running Facebook Ads

It is that simple, only 3 groups, every new client I take on is in either one, or the other group.

The first group is those who know how to set up high converting ads or hire someone to do it for them.

The second group has watched some YouTube videos that make it all so simple. They see others successfully TELLING them how easy it is, so they then just throw money into campaigns that accomplish little more than frustration. And to be fair, some people on rare occasion get lucky.

The third group comprises people that have absolutely no idea what they are doing and didn’t even pay attention to YouTube videos. They get bored quick but they usually crash and burn fast.

First important consideration

? Facebook is not a shopping platform

What a lot of advertisers do not seem to grasp is that people are NOT going on Facebook to buy stuff.

No one is scrolling through their feed thinking. “ Let’s look what is on offer and what can I buy today….”

Facebook is a pass time during a lunch break, the work commute, and so on. People want to have a look at what friends are up to, family … so when suddenly your ad shows up saying “ hey, here…. Buy my stuff!” chances are, you will not succeedstraight away.

First of all, you need to be seen (get attention). Maybe someone will watch your video, or click on your link, or like your ad, share it, OR completely ignore it.

Far more people will ignore your ad, and a click through rate (CTR) of 1-2% is considered good for a COLD audience.

Second important consideration

? Retargeting is a must to succeed with Facebook ads

Luckily Facebook ads are relatively cheap and if you have done your homework on audience targeting, they show at least some of your ads to the right people, those are the ones that will engage with your and become a WARMer audience.

Facebook has a tool, PIXEL, that tracks every interaction or engagement people have on Facebook. That can watch your videos, clicking your links and so on…. From these engagements, you have to MAKE a CUSTOM audience and RE-TARGET those people with different ads.

You will see that your results will be MUCH better from these custom audiences so it is an absolute MUST to have your Facebook pixel installed correctly so you can track interactions and make those re-targeting audiences.

Below video will explain how to set these up and although this client had already spent over $2000 in ad spend over a 6-week period, NO audiences at all were set up. This client was at the bottom of group 2, flirting with 3rd group, but is now well on track slaying it.

Third consideration

? Split testing is crucial to know what works (and what not!)

The wonderful thing about Facebook Ads is that it is very budget-friendly compared to other advertising platforms, such as Google Ads.

Even if you have a tiny budget, you can try out your advertising campaigns in order to understand what is likely to convert and what ads didn’t work.

On one of my latest audits, one client was running 6 ads, 3 for women, 3 for men. All at $15 each, total $90 per day.

He never really paid attention to the cost or results until my audit showed him the men targeted ads were 30-50% MORE expensive in getting results and one of the 3 women ads was scoring poor compared to the other 2.

Instead of spending $90 on 6 ads, we scaled the 2 best ads up to $45 each, killed of the others.

Within 24 hours we got MORE leads from 2 ads than the previous 6 and 30% cheaper!

Split testing is a must if you don’t want to waste your money!


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