Website Design with FIVE Guarantees

A fast loading CONVERSION optimized website is crucial to have success. I doesn't matter if your site ranks on the first page in Google, if the site is badly designed, boring and not user friendly, people will leave as they have hundreds of other alternatives to visit. If you want to read the 20 Steps to avoid when building a site, click here.

How to avoid 20 Mistakes when building a site? Click Here

The goal of YOUR website is to grab people's attention and make sure they don't click away. At DWT Digital we build conversion optimized sites with FIVE GUARANTEES, Security-Speed-SEO Optimized- Mobile Friendly and positive User Experience.

You can have a look at our website portfolio HERE.

Security Guarantee

We build WordPress websites that have SOLID security measures build in to make them less prone to hacking and SPAM attacks.


Loading Speed Guarantee

In our fast-paced world, your website needs to load fast too, under 3 seconds, if not visitors will leave, bounce rates increase and your conversions nosedive! 


SEO Optimized Guarantee

Your site will be built with all the latest SEO measures in place to make sure when Google crawls your site, your rankings will increase.


Mobile Optimized Guarantee

With over 60% of internet traffic going over mobile devices, your site should work seamless on ALL platforms.


User Friendly Guarantee

We build CLEAN designed sites and follow the latest UX and UI design principles, making sure your website users have a pleasant experience on your site and you will enjoy LOW BOUNCE rates.


20 Steps to avoid when building a website

  1. 1
    Go to Fiverr or any other freelancer site.
  2. 2
    Create an account and leave some minor details such as your name, email address, physical address, what you are interested in.
  3. 3
    Or just create the account with your Facebook profile and agree to Fiverr will get access to all your personal data on Facebook, and that of all your friends’.
  4. 4
    Don’t forget to untick the box ‘I want to receive your Spam’.
  5. 5
    Spend time looking thru hundreds of profiles, mostly very cheap freelancers from emerging countries.
  6. 6
    Or post a job request and get hundreds of offers, mostly just cut and paste replies as most can’t be bothered to actually read about your needs, or answer your questions. 
  7. 7
    Pick one and hope for the best.
  8. 8
    Have several frustrating meetings, try to get your ideas across through a language and cultural barrier, and the need for the other party to get this job done as quickly as possible to move on to the next cheap job.
  9. 9
    Your ideas are not implemented, you realize the hired party has no passion nor motivation to understand your business and help you create something that will make a difference.
  10. 10
    You realize the other party has no marketing nor copy writing background to help you, or make suggestions.
  11. 11
    You go back on Fiverr to find a digital marketer. Revisit steps 5 through 9.
  12. 12
    You go back on Fiverr to find a copy writer. Revisit steps 5 through 9.
  13. 13
    The copy writer has no marketing background and has different ideas then your digital marketer and your web designer.
  14. 14
    None of them understand your business, nor have any passion for it. Seems they want to get it done as quickly as possible.
  15. 15
    Your website is finally complete, it takes 15 seconds to load as cheap hosting was used. Several basic SEO mistakes were made, making it hard for your site to rank high.
  16. 16
    Your site isn’t remotely what you envisaged it would be and because neither your web designer, nor your copywriter or digital marketer understood principles of User Experience, your site doesn’t have the latest UX and UI principle for your visitors.
  17. 17
    You go back on Fiverr, find a UX and UI designer and need to go back to your web designer to implement changes and change host to make it load faster.
  18. 18
    You can’t find him anymore; or, he has no time (read not interested) and you don’t have access to your dashboard. Looks like you will need to hire someone else to make changes. Revisit steps 5 through 9.
  19. 19
    Consolation, you got a cheap website, which wasn’t that cheap after all having to hire 3 extra people. You're considering finding an 'SEO guy'.
  20. 20
    Go back on Fiverr and try to find a freelancer to entangle the mess, hire someone and hope for the best…

Or go straight to DWT Digital and have it done right the first time!

Our Web Development Prices

Web development

Flexi-page Website Package

Home Page -  Portfolio/Product/Services - About us - Contact us - Disclaimer - Privacy - Thank You/Confirmation Page or any other pages based on needs.

Full design and complete development. 


WordPress logo

Hosting, Software and Security Package

PREMIUM Hosting with state of the art Security, Anti Spam Plugins, SEO and Speed Optimization Software. Front-end page builder either Elementor or Thrive Architect.


Man in front of computer analyzing digital advertising

Additional Needs?

Additional pages - $99/page

Ecommerce/Paypal/Stripe payment integration - $199

Dedicated sales funnels for Facebook and Google ad campaign - $479

Sales funnels include 3 pages (Landing/Sales page - Confirmation page - Thank You page)

WordPress has a 59.4% Market share of websites, Joomla is a distant second with only 6%.

WordPress is available in 62 languages

Why YOU should have a WP site and why WE build WP sites:

  • Google prefers WP sites and will rank you higher!
  • WP sites eliminate 80-90% of crawling errors on Google.
  • More Than 1.1 Million New Registered WP Domains Every 6 Months.
  • WP Dominates Google's SERPs with 583,000,000 Results.
  • There are Currently 44,662 Plugins.

Software we use for sites and landing pages

WordPress Logo