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TOP 5 hacks to improve SEO of your Facebook Pages

Why SEO for Facebook pages matter?

For all the same reasons SEO matters for a website, however with Facebook use exploding, your Facebook web presence deserves the same attention or more than any website.

There is no excuse either, below 5. very easy to implement, hacks will improve SEO ranking of your Facebook pages.

? HACK 1 – Choose A Brand Consistent Name 

The name of your page should match your business. Consistency across platforms is crucial for your branding; people need to recognize and remember you across all platforms and not get confused.

Take us as an example, our website, our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all branded with the same name and are easily recognizable.  

Facebook Page



? HACK 2 – Use A Custom URL

You have taken the step to make the Facebook page to promote your business/brand and change this URL to YOUR custom URL to take advantage of free traffic.

When you make a Facebook page, the algorithm gives you a random number to classify your page, something like this (don’t bother clicking on it, it’s just an example):

Search engines will crawl (and rank) ANY web presence; a series of numbers is NOT SEO friendly!

When you chose that new URL, have continuity with your brand! For Example:

Custom URLs weigh heavy in search algorithms so make sure you make your Facebook Page URL your own and not a set of numbers you get assigned !

? HACK 3 – Use Keywords In Facebook Pages

Make sure you fully use and optimize your Facebook page and embed keywords where you can.

We will put out a separate post on how to optimize your page, but here is where to place keywords:

  • About Section
  • Mission Statement
  • Company Description and
  • Your Story 

DO NOT stuff keywords,  place them strategically (in the first paragraphs) and do not over use.

? HACK 4 – Use Back Links 

These links can be to your website, to your Instagram page, to your Blogs, to your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, to Pinterest… all these platforms can have links back to your Facebook page and help your SEO.

? HACK 5 – Use Your Page Posts!

Maybe the easiest of them all!

The first 18 characters of every posts are crawled by search engines, so they serve as meta descriptions for the content. Embed some keywords in the first section of your posts, make sure it’s relevant and create readable sentences.

and one FREE hackinclude a link to your website in any status update/post on your Facebook page news feed. 

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