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STOP These Facebook Advertising Mistakes!

Many Facebook advertisers are forgetting to look at the rich pickings dangling in front of their noses and are caught up in targeting new audiences. The best audience is already right there and much easier to reach for success than angling for a new fruit that is much more difficult to reach.


Re-engage and Re-Target within your community! You should target below three audiences first, before you look for greener pastures in a cold audience.

Your Facebook Business pages

Your Website Traffic

Your Current Customers/Clients


ⓕ Your Facebook Page

Any person who has engaged with your page, being it a like, a share, a comment even a visit, has already shown an interest in your product, service or brand.

It’s very easy to make a Facebook Audience out of this group of people and that’s an audience you can target with your ads. All the people in this audience are already familiar with your brand and what you offer.

? Your Website Traffic

Take a lot at your own behavior, why do (did) you visit a certain website? Accidentally or because you are/were somewhat interested in the content or products/services on that site?

Chances are you didn’t end up there by accident, so think about that in terms of your own site. You can also create audiences out of your website visitors and chances are, they are already interested in what you offer.

Presenting your ads to a group of people that already know of you and are most likely already interested, make much better audiences than the ones you get from cold traffic.

??‍♀️ Your Current Customers

These are your biggest fans, they not only like you, but they trust you and they have shown loyalty by buying from you.

Most likely you have their email address and if you don’t, you need to collect emails from all your clients IMMEDIATELY!

In Facebook you can create audiences from your past clients email addresses and guess what will happen if you present an ad to people that like you, trust you and are loyal to you?

These people WANT more information from you, they WANT to buy again.

? The Cherry

Running ads to your existing fan/customer base through these three custom audiences is highly lucrative and will get you faster and better results than targeting people that have never heard of you.

All these above audiences are warm , you should cherish that relationship and expand it.

But that’s not all…. Out of these warm audiences you can create Lookalike Audiences (LLA), these will be created out of people that don’t know you, but, they share the same interest/behaviors as your fan/customer base.

Far more often than not, LLA will out perform a cold new audience in terms of conversions and return on your ad spend!

? The Nail

Instead of just focusing on nailing down the perfect targeting, the perfect copy, or the perfect creative for your cold audiences, try focusing on what your current fanbase wants to see and dedicate time and energy into re-targeting them.

Are you still reading? GO and CREATE those audiences and get that low hanging fruit!

If you’d like to find out how much money you leave on the table, why not schedule a FREE Facebook Ads Audit or contact me for advice!​

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