Social Media Management

At DWT Digital we help build your Social Media Strategy, this comprises several components:

  • Defining your business goals
  • Building your target audience 
  • Developing  a social media plan 
  • Managing your platforms
  • Tracking  your KPI's for success

Being active and present on the right platforms is crucial for your Social Media Business Strategy.  

If you are still somewhat skeptical about 'how some likes and followers' can increase your bottom line significantly and need more background, then we suggest you read this article:

Social Media Business Strategies vs Campaigns

Social media management

Our long-term social media strategies (1-2 years) will create higher brand awareness and brand loyalty. Strategies differ from (shorter) campaigns and will include:

  • Brainstorm and set up your overall long term social media business goals
  • Defining your target market and audience and increase your social media engagement and followers
  • Quarterly reviews to adapt the strategy to the fluid, changing nature of social media
  • Setting up long-term ROIs and ROAS for marketing campaigns 
  • Establishing measurement metrics and Key Performance Indices (KPI’s)
  • Integration with other marketing efforts and customer service

Social Media Campaigns

Our short-term social media campaigns will include data and result driven advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to support product sales/launches.

Beware of vanity results

We help our clients focus on what matters to get results and develop their Social Media business objectives.

Results such as followers, likes, comments and so on, may give people a nice and warm fuzzy feeling but they mean nothing if these followers and likes come from audiences that don't relate to your business or products. That is why 'buying' likes is a bad practice and business will NOT benefit from these vanity results.

An effective and successful  Social Media Strategy needs THREE components

1. Identify your business objectives or GOALS  you want to achieve from your social media presence and what do you want to accomplish through social media. These objectives can be:

  • Brand awareness
  • Customer Retention
  • Referrals to websites
  • Customer Service
  • Business Leads 
  • Conversions

Question - Have you determined your business aim?  contact us FOR A COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION

2. Identify your target market

Who are the potential buyers of your products? I build ANY marketing strategy around Buyer Personas/Avatars to identify the person you are trying to sell to and build your marketing efforts around that group.
This is no different for Social Media Marketing, you need to know your audience and where they hang out and determine those channels so you can target them there.


3. Build ​ENGAGING content around your target market.

Being active alone is not enough; your content needs to be diverse yet relevant to your audience. Check your content for relevancy every step of the way. Publishing random content just to get attention will not improve your sales or SEO. Be sure your content supports your product or service.

The Golden Ratio for Content

The Golden Ratio for Social Media content also needs to balance and follow the 70-20-10 rule:

  • 70% of the content should add value and build brand recognition
  • 20% content sharing from other people, articles or valuable content relevant to your brand
  • 10% are promotional posts - coupons, discounts, product launches, etc…

QUESTION - Do you have knowledge and tools to curate content? CONTACT US FOR A COMPLEMENTARY CONSULTATION

Other important aspects 

How does your Social Media Marketing fit in with your other marketing efforts? Can you interweave product launches or other events? Use your blog posts and share them on your social media platforms? 

Make sure you use the right analytics to track your progress, which KPI's do you want to track? All platforms offer analytics and insights for businesses to track your progress, identify trends and make adjustments when needed.


Social Media Management Prices

One Social platform
Basic ONE Platform

Choose any platform from Facebook-Instagram-Twitter




  • Choose ONE from 3 major platforms (Facebook-Instagram-Twitter) 
  • High Quality posts 
  • Content creation in line with your brand guidelines
  • Scheduled and posted on best times to get highest engagement
  • All content branded with your logo 
  • Special multi-level link to increase reach
Social platform
One Social platform
Social Platform
triple treat

All 3 major platforms




  • GET ALL THREE 3 major platforms (Facebook-Instagram-Twitter) 
  • High Quality posts
  • Content creation in line with your brand guidelines
  • Scheduled and posted on best times to get highest engagement
  • All content branded with your logo
  • Special multi-level link to increase reach
  • Facebook account management: 24 posts/month
  • Instagram account management: 28 posts/month
  • Twitter account management: 30 posts/month
  • Pinterest account management: 15 posts per month

* + $249 per additional account per month

Platforms We Manage 

Facebook, biggest Social Media Platform
Twitter, most active Social Media Platform
Instagram photo sharing Social media platform
Pinterest, content sharing social media platform
LinkedIn, professional connection social media networking

If you have other Social Platforms you would like to add, please let us know.

Planning Software We Use

Social Media Planner Hootsuite
Sociial Media Planner Buffer

We are more than happy and capable of using any other software you prefer.

Creative Tools We Use

Creative design for Social Media
Social Media planner
Social Media Content creation
Creative design for Social Media

We are more than happy and capable of using any other tools you prefer.

Content Curation Tools We Use

Social Media content curation
Social Media content curation
Social Media content curation

We are more than happy and capable of using any other platform you prefer.