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The Forbes Article on Messenger Bots that Changed Everything

All businesses should embrace Messenger Bots and fast! They are completely revolutionizing the face of customer service, marketing and sales — and for the better. Automation is the way of the future and you are NOT part of that future if you don’t embrace it!

Facebook Messenger bots differ from other trends as they can transform not only the way businesses market themselves but also the way they conduct customer service.

Businesses have to go where their customers are, that used to be email and phone, but not anymore!

73% of people prefer chat based interaction, more than both phone or email.

This article was published in Forbes just last year, talking about how Messenger Bots ‘are going to’ and ‘will soon’ start taking over.

But when is the future exactly? For Facebook Messenger Bots and Website Chatbots, it is NOW!

If you are not getting onboard now, you will miss this bullet train and left miles behind your competition, finding it hard to catch up!

There are plenty of examples of big companies missing a trend and taking years to catch up, or never do.

Missing the trend and paying the price

· Photography pioneer and market leader Kodak missed getting onto the digital photography train and went bankrupt in 2012.

· Mobile phone leader Nokia failed to see the potential of smart phones, losing its vast market share and number 1 position of mobile phone producer. They are only a shadow of what they used to be.

· Blackberry didn’t see the potential of touch screen on time as they tried to hold on to their concept of physical keyboard phones. It turned out to be another monumental marketing mistake, just like Nokia, they overestimated their market position and consumer brand loyalty and underestimated consumer behavioral changes.

No, chatbots are not an automated and limited in scope gimmick anymore and they are evolving rapidly. 


Built-in AI and machine learning mimic human interactions, with several advantages.

Do the test!

The list can go on for a while, but do the test yourself and see how powerful Messenger bots can be.

Do you like Pizza?

Pizza Hut customers can easily order pizza for delivery or carryout from Facebook Messenger or Twitter. Customers can also reorder their favorite pizzas, ask questions, and see current deals, without any human agent being involved.


Or a Coffee?

Starbucks makes it easy to place an order. Their chatbot will tell you when your order will be ready and the total cost. You can findStarbucks’ chatbot inside the Starbucks app (for iPhone, Android, and Windows).


Clothes maybe?

H&M’s bot quizzes potential customers about their style preferences, then makes recommendations tailored towards their taste. To complete the outfit, H&M will pull relevant items from its catalogue making it an effective tool to up-sell customers.


Infinite Possibilities 

These are just a handful of examples of how big brands use Messenger Bots, but the options and uses are infinite and the usage numbers don’t lie.

People love using bots and find interacting with them extremely satisfying.

Now it’s time for you to get on board and contact us today with your requirements. We will build you a Facebook Messenger Bot or Website Chatbot that will wow your customers and increase your bottom line!

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