Chatbots give a new dimension to your online presence."Never stress about not having enough leads or clients again!"

We get ever more demanding on fast solutions for problems or finding information. Facebook chatbots are becoming more and more popular as tools for having conversations with potential clients and visitors whose expectations on service are ever increasing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings a new dimension and a new element to your online presence on how people can interact with your company. 

Facebook chatbots can communicate direct with your prospects or clients through your Facebook page, website chatbots do the same on your website.

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Advantages of Facebook Chatbots

More advanced AI means  chatbots can increasingly perform more complex actions and conversation that can be linked to your mailing lists, email address, Google sheets etc. making capturing leads more efficient, faster and more personal.

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Facebook Advertising Strategies

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Conversion Ads

With cinversion ads we drive people to a landing page that contains your offer or service. We will help you to create a compelling hook, and set up, or improve, a highly converting landing page at the top of your sales funnel.

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Messenger Ads

Facebook messenger ads communicate directly with your target audiences through a chatbot . This type of ad creates a very close bond as people interact directly with you. As a result of this you will get very strong leads.

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Lead Ads

With lead ads you don't need a landing page or website, all the data is collected within Facebook. That makes Lead Ads cheaper to run as Facebook favours keeping the user on its platform, however, the leads can be less qualified.

Frequently Asked questions

Your potential customers journey from a prospect to a client is mapped in a Funnel. 

Putting your ad in front of someone and getting his/her attention is just the first step. To turn a prospect into a lead and turn that lead into a customer you need a funnel that ‘guides’ a prospect through that process. All wheels in the cog have to turn and work together to become a lead machine and have clients on tap.

The Facebook pixel is your tracking code that needs to be set up correctly and installed on your  web pages so Facebook can collect user information and user characteristics. This is important especially for running retargeting campaigns to people that have watched videos or engaged with your ads.  

Giving Facebook that data of your users will also help creating Lookalike audiences of these users.

The more you spend with Facebook, the better your results will be. As a rule of thumb, you’d need $10-20 per day in a testing phase to use the power of the Facebooks algorithm to find the best target audiences for you and test which creative and message gets you the best results. 

As the Facebook algorithm learns as it collects data, you should count on a 4 day testing period as a minimum.

Facebook has 11 different campaign objectives, for lead generation we will be using Conversions, Lead Generation and  Messenger.

If we are trying to get warmer audiences first and build Lookalike audiences, we will start with Engagement and Video View campaigns and hit the warm audiences with retargeting ads.

They are inherently very different as they use different targeting. 

With Facebook ads you don’t rely on keywords or browser search, you can let the Facebook algorithm do its magic to present your ads to the right people. 

Facebook ads are still significantly cheaper than Google ads.

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