Get Your Own Blue Island In A Deep Red Ocean 

Why Every Coach Or Course Creator Needs A Blue Island© Avatar & Messaging Blueprint

Your Distinct Edge To Stand Out In A Sea Of Noise And THRIVE!

In today's saturated market, coaches need more than generic templates.

Let's face it – many give you a persona template.

Fill in some blanks, answer a few questions, and voilà, your avatar is ready.

But we understand that to have breakthrough copy and funnels, you don't work with templates.

Every prospect is unique, every story distinct. Our approach mirrors that uniqueness, offering detailed, value-packed insights that paint not just a picture but an entire landscape of your ideal client's psyche.

It's not just about defining who your audience is:

 It's about understanding your prospects very essence, going layers deeper than surface-level information.

The Blue Island Avatar© & Messaging Blueprint isn't just another tool; it's a revolution in understanding your prospects.

It's about being heard amidst the noise, truly connecting in an age of fleeting attention spans, and crafting a message that don't just meet needs but fulfill deepest desires.

It's the difference between being seen and being remembered.
Biggest Nightmares 

What keeps your prospect up at night? We discover their deeply hidden fears. Watch how our laser-focused messages captivate and convert.

Deepest Desires

What do they really want subconsciousy? Watch how our laser-focused messages captivate and convert them without they even realize it.

Treasured Values

We decode your prospects' values and align them with your brand. The result? You'll stand out by speaking their language.

Your Service

We meticulously match your service with your prospects' needs. Through keen insight and targeted strategies, we ensure you offer aligns perfectly.

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies

- blair warren

jungian customer archetypes- our unique approach

Which Jungian Archetype Is Your Prospect?

Who Is Carl Gustav Jung & Why Does it Matter?

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded what has come to be known as Analytical Psychology.

Jung introduced the idea of the "collective unconscious," a layer of the unconscious shared by all human beings, containing universal experiences and memories. Within this collective unconscious, he proposed the existence of "archetypes," which are primal, universal symbols and themes.

By leveraging these timeless Jungian Archetypes in your message, we tap into deeply rooted emotions and motivations of your prospects.

These archetypes aren't just figments of imagination; they're ancient codes universally recognized and shared among humanity. When you tap into these buried treasures in your marketing, you're accessing the deepest desires and motivations of those you aim to serve. 

The result? A message that doesn't just catch their attention but grabs them by the soul. 

In a world of noise, you WILL stand out with the timeless power of Jungian Archetype insights.

The Hero

Driven by ambition and the need for success, this customer seeks solutions that empower them to overcome challenges and reach their goals.

The Outlaw

Alues rebellion and disruption. This customer is drawn to brands that stand against the norm and promote radical change.

The Explorer

Always seeking novelty and adventure. This customer is attracted to brands that offer new experiences or promise to take them on a journey.

The Sage

Values wisdom and knowledge. This customer seeks brands that provide expertise, information, and deeper understanding.

The Innocent

Desires safety, happiness, and simplicity. This customer is drawn to brands that promise a return to simpler times or stress purity and optimism.

The Lover

Motivated by passion, relationships, and aesthetics. This customer seeks products or services that enhance intimacy or promote beauty and sensory pleasures.

The Caregiver

Fueled by a need to care for and protect others. This customer resonates with brands that emphasize nurturing, comfort, and support.

The Everyman

Desires connection and belonging. This customer is attracted to brands that promote inclusivity, community, and shared experiences.

The Jester

Values play, humor, and living in the moment. This customer connects with brands that emphasize fun, creativity, and not taking life too seriously.

The Ruler

Seeks control, order, and authority. This customer is drawn to brands that exude luxury, stability, and leadership.

The Magician

Values transformation and making dreams come true. This customer is attracted to brands that promise transformation, mystery, and wonder.

The Creator

Motivated by a need to build, envision, and express. This customer resonates with brands that value innovation, authenticity, and vision.

But There Is More...

Very rarely will your ideal prospect fit in just one Jungian Archetype!

In most cases they are blend of TWO archetypes that create your own UNIQUE Ideal Customer Archetype.

Unique Archetypes

Here are some examples of Unique Archetypes we have uncovered for some of our clients.

  1. 1

    The Conqueror = Hero + Ruler                                       A persona that embodies mastery, leadership, and ambition - a determined individual who is driven to succeed, values control, and is not afraid to face challenges head-on.

  2. 2
    The Adventurous Builder = Explorer + Creator              

    An individual who's driven by the desire to create a life of independence and self-sufficiency, someone who's not afraid to venture into uncharted territories to achieve their goals.

  3. 3
    The Enchanted Creator = Magician + Creator           

    A persona who not only illuminates the path to artistic expression but also ensures that this journey is deeply transformative for her students.

What Clients Say About Their

Blue Island Avatar© Blueprint...

Hege Sandtorv

Coach at magical paintings

Koen handed me the Blue Avatar Blueprint for my perfect customer, and it left me stunned! I believed I had my avatar figured out, but Koen's insights proved otherwise. The precision and uniqueness of my ideal client archetype have revolutionized my webinars and results.

Roger King 

coach at REI Accelerator

This pinpoint accuracy in understanding my ideal client is a game-changer for my presentations and courses. If you're looking for a breakthrough, this is  your key!

Odis James III

coach at 4 Data points academy

Receiving the Blue Avatar Blueprint from Koen was a watershed moment for me. Here I was, thinking I had all the insights into my audience, but this? It was like seeing my ideal client through a freshly polished lens. Thanks to this clarity, my marketing message is  now in a league of its own.