Digital Marketing that has bite...

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... and the Storm Troopers? Well, euhm... that will be further below.

We get it .... You lack the funds and resources for in-house-marketers, and you really don't have the time nor the passion to get lost in today's digital advertising maze. WE have the PASSION and the time and we will create your business a social media marketing solution that has bite and offering high quality services at a favorable price.

My motto is simple, under-promise, and over-deliver. That is how I get referrals and word of mouth.

Our services are ideal for SME’s and start-ups, you can increase sales by outsourcing laborious tasks to develop a social media presence, leaving you more time to concentrate on other parts of business development without having to worry about a professional social media presence.


Social Media marketing manager

the next generation is coming!

Koen has been in sales and marketing his whole life; he started his first business at the age of 6.

DWT Drinks was selling home-made lemonade in the local community, but it was shut down by the regulators of Mums Inc. To this day, it is still unclear which regulation was broken to force the closure, other than mum not being keen on the capitalist side of the second born, maybe.
It took a few years to recover from this setback, but armed with that experience and a bachelors in PR and Marketing, Koen ventured back into the world of sales and marketing at the age of 22.
By 30 he was ready to own and operate his own businesses, which he ran and managed for the next (almost) 2 decades.

Moving on he started his own digital marketing agency combining 30 years of sales, marketing and advertising experience, offering these skills to SME's and start-ups that have a hard time to get going in our ever growing competitive environment.

Him being arrested by Imperial Storm Troopers isn't by any means connected to any of this; it happened on a Monday. Neither is above evidence of him skating with Pingu and his son, he was coerced.... Pingu was the only one enjoying it, probably because cold and ice make him tick.