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5 Facebook Advertising strategies to generate higher ROI

End to end social media marketing is important if you want to succeed in our digital era. 

Facebook is the biggest social media platform, and here are some stats why to have a Facebook presence for your company, brand or products.

  • Facebook has almost TWO billion daily users
  •  They spend on average 1 hour per day (my niece will contest that; she is on it at least 3)

I hear you say “an hour, that’s not a lot…”, but think about that for a second. One hour per day on Facebook if in a 24-hour period an average person works 8 hours-sleeps 9 hours, leaving 7 hours for other things, of which at least one hour is spent on Facebook, that’s almost 15% of that time.

Here are 5 strategies to increase your ROI on Facebook


 🎥  Start Using Video ads

There are 8 billion (yes indeed!) video views per day on FB and it’s still rising! Video will be the way to stand out so you MUST take advantage of this.

You could produce product videos, explainer videos, use live video for special occasions (new store opening, product launch…), just be creative and use video!

Another cool way to stand out is to use video testimonials. Compile 3 customers, short sections and edit them together, make sure they are genuine, off the cuff and not over produced (use an iPhone for example) to increase credibility and impact.

🚀 Get into Instagram Story ads

This is very unused at the moment and therefore still very cheap, much cheaper than Facebook video ads. They have to be short, not longer than 15 seconds and as they will be shown among peoples family and friends feed, they need to be as much off the cuff as possible (like the above Facebook testimonials), as unscripted as possible to keep it personal and credible.

🌎 Hyper target with geo ads

These ads are for local businesses and you target people that are in the vicinity (10-20 miles). For restaurants, you could add time and target people nearby for lunch and dinner.

📩 Start re-targeting campaigns

Re-targeting campaigns increase results by 1400%, the sooner you start the better! Abandoned carts, link clicks without follow-through are all very important turn around ‘losers’ into winners.

😉 Use emoji’s

A well-known software company ran A/B tests on its own ads, the test performance of emoji’s. The ads with performed much better than the ones without. Emoji ads had a 30-40% higher click through rate and a 20% lower CPC. 

But a warning is not out of place! It is a risky business, chose your emoji’s well (avoid random usage) and place them strategically (overdoing it will turn people off. It’s worth doing your own tests, which leads me my Bonus tip: 


Bonus tip: TEST, test and test and TEST!

Facebook ads are all about testing and tweaking to find the one killer combination you can scale your budget on. Don’t be afraid to try things out and adapt your ads to what people react to, which can be different today from yesterday and from today to tomorrow.

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