Our proven 90-Day Success formula

Get quality leads and clients, with an optimized whole funnel and rocking Facebook ads in less than 90 days. Every step is tested and validated with our proven 90-Day Success Formula:

Funnel build and optimization

Phase One - Blueprint for success

Validation - duration 2 weeks (week 1-2)

In the Bueprint phase we use secret techniques only used by the top 10% Facebook marketers in the world to quickly validate the 3 core components for success.

  • Validate Personas/Audiences

It all starts with the WHO!

We help you build out your client personas and avatars, then we map out the corresponding Facebook audiences and use the Rapid Fire Test Method with Facebook Ads to validate these audiences. 

  • Validate Offers & Lead Magnets

In the next step of phase One we will test out your core offer, create and test your upsell and downsell offers (if applicable). We use the Rapid Fire Test Method with Facebook Ads to validate your offers and make sure they are viable.

  • Validate Ad Campaign Objectives

During this phase of testing, we optimize ad formats, test ad creatives and ad copy with the Rapid Fire Test Method with Facebook Ads to validate the correct campaigns to get results.


  • Facebook Ads budget (your choice of budget)
  • Set-up Phase One RFT and management $899 

Software Requirements: Zapier Free account*, ClickFunnels 14-day free trial*, ActiveCampaign 14-day free trial*

Phase Two - Funnel Build

Funnel Build and Launch - duration 3 weeks (week 3-6)

  • Build 

After Phase One we will a solid interested audience mapped out and tested your core offers. In Phase Two, we move forward and build out your entire funnel. This includes several components: a landing page with a lead magnet, a highly converting sales page, and a confirmation page. 

As part of your funnel, we also create an email automation sequence of 5 emails to nurture your leads. We schedule deliver of these mails on the best times during the day and use the Fibonacci rule for an optimal spread.

  • Funnel Mapping

Agree on all funnel elements

  • Copywriting

Craft all necessary copy based on blueprint

  • Design

Design all pages to brand specifications

  • Implementation and Testing

Assemble all funnel elements using the software of choice


  • Funnel Build $1999
  • Facebook Ads budget (your choice of budget)

Software Requirements: Zapier Free account*, ClickFunnels $99/m*, ActiveCampaign $15/m* 

Phase Three - Optimization

Launch and conversion optimization - duration 6 weeks (week 7-12)

During Phase 3  we continue to optimize your Funnel and Facebook Ad campaigns including launching highly profitable re-targeting ads to audiences we create from your online tracking. We will also start scaling your winning campaigns based on your allocated budget.


  • Optimization management $1499
  • Facebook Ads budget (your choice of budget)

Software Requirements: Zapier Free account*, ClickFunnels $99/m*, ActiveCampaign $15/m* 

*We recommend ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign for optimal results, but we can also work with what you have. Indicated fees for software are paid direct to the provider and may increase depending on the usage. Pricing for their services are posted on their respective websites.

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Just a handful of SME’s that benefit from our marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.
We use a data driven approach to analyze your ads and sales funnels. You will know exactly where the bottlenecks are and how to improve your campaigns.We can GUARANTEE that if you implement the changes we suggest after your audit, your AD COST WILL DECREASE and your ROI and ROAS WILL JUMP!
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Frequently Asked questions

Your potential customers journey from a prospect to a client is mapped in a Funnel. 

Putting your ad in front of someone and getting his/her attention is just the first step. To turn a prospect into a lead and turn that lead into a customer you need a funnel that ‘guides’ a prospect through that process. All wheels in the cog have to turn and work together to become a lead machine and have clients on tap.

The Facebook pixel is your tracking code that needs to be set up correctly and installed on your  web pages so Facebook can collect user information and user characteristics. This is important especially for running retargeting campaigns to people that have watched videos or engaged with your ads.  

Giving Facebook that data of your users will also help creating Lookalike audiences of these users.

The more you spend with Facebook, the better your results will be. As a rule of thumb, you’d need $10-20 per day in a testing phase to use the power of the Facebooks algorithm to find the best target audiences for you and test which creative and message gets you the best results. 

As the Facebook algorithm learns as it collects data, you should count on a 4 day testing period as a minimum.

Facebook has 11 different campaign objectives, for lead generation we will be using Conversions, Lead Generation and  Messenger.

If we are trying to get warmer audiences first and build Lookalike audiences, we will start with Engagement and Video View campaigns and hit the warm audiences with retargeting ads.

They are inherently very different as they use different targeting. 

With Facebook ads you don’t rely on keywords or browser search, you can let the Facebook algorithm do its magic to present your ads to the right people. 

Facebook ads are still significantly cheaper than Google ads.

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