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We have the expertise, knowledge and marketing background to create highly converting advertising funnels so you can SPEND your TIME on YOUR COACHING or BUSINESS!

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Successful Marketing is time consuming and a skill. As a small business owner you can’t do everything and be everywhere at the same time. Besides, you also have family and friends that deserve a piece of your time too!

Not only are Facebook ads more than what meets the eye (you have to understand the algorithm), your funnel (landing page, email follow-ups, copywriting, etc.) BEHIND the ad is equally crucial, if not MORE important.  Your time is much better spend in other parts of your business. We dramatically improve your lead generation by providing:

We simplify and automate your lead generation process to get you on a path with increased profits while decreasing your workload and stress levels.

We Build Funnels And Generate Leads For Health & Wellness Businesses

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising DWT Digital

Like it or not, Facebook knows a lot about you and me, and that opens up some unique business opportunities with Facebook Advertising, for those that know how.

DWT Digital has the know-how to leverage Facebook ads and give you an unfair advantage over your competition.


Digital marketing DWT Digital

Advertising alone will NOT do the job, you need to have a coherent support funnel in place to help guide a prospect to become a lead which you can turn into a customer.

With our experience we will build all the aspects of that funnel so you can have leads and clients on tap.

Messenger Bots

Chatbots with DWT Digital

We love using Messenger apps, and 85% of mobile messaging app users use Facebook Messenger.

With an 80% open rate bots are a direct way to communicate with prospects and leads.  With INTELLIGENT and well-built bots, you can stay a step ahead of your competition.

Email Automation

Email Automation DWT Digital

All lead generation should include instant follow-up with email, it keeps a lead hot and easier to convert.

Email automation the best way to save time, resources and money. We will make your emails more personalized and turn prospects into clients with a carefully planned strategy.

We use a data driven approach to analyze your ads and sales funnels. You will know exactly where the bottlenecks are and how to improve your campaigns.We can GUARANTEE that if you implement the changes we suggest after your audit, your AD COST WILL DECREASE and your ROI and ROAS WILL JUMP!
Facebook Ads Specialist DWT Digital

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Frequently Asked questions

Your potential customers journey from a prospect to a client is mapped in a Funnel. 

Putting your ad in front of someone and getting his/her attention is just the first step. To turn a prospect into a lead and turn that lead into a customer you need a funnel that ‘guides’ a prospect through that process. All wheels in the cog have to turn and work together to become a lead machine and have clients on tap.

The Facebook pixel is your tracking code that needs to be set up correctly and installed on your  web pages so Facebook can collect user information and user characteristics. This is important especially for running retargeting campaigns to people that have watched videos or engaged with your ads.  

Giving Facebook that data of your users will also help creating Lookalike audiences of these users.

The more you spend with Facebook, the better your results will be. As a rule of thumb, you’d need $10-20 per day in a testing phase to use the power of the Facebooks algorithm to find the best target audiences for you and test which creative and message gets you the best results. 

As the Facebook algorithm learns as it collects data, you should count on a 4 day testing period as a minimum.

Facebook has 11 different campaign objectives, for lead generation we will be using Conversions, Lead Generation and  Messenger.

If we are trying to get warmer audiences first and build Lookalike audiences, we will start with Engagement and Video View campaigns and hit the warm audiences with retargeting ads.

They are inherently very different as they use different targeting. 

With Facebook ads you don’t rely on keywords or browser search, you can let the Facebook algorithm do its magic to present your ads to the right people. 

Facebook ads are still significantly cheaper than Google ads.

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