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Our Skill, Your Growth.  Ideal for SME's and  Start ups!

 Sounds familiar?

  • Not sure where to start with digital advertising?
  • Lacking staff/resour​​​​ces for an in-house marketer?
  • Limited budget?  Time constraints?
  • Lacking a clear digital marketing strategy?

You are NOT ALONE, a recent survey from around the world found that the main challenges businesses face when trying to build their digital advertising and marketing presence are:

  • Not having enough resources,
  • Lacking a formal strategy,
  • Efficiently tracking results.

We have the solutions! 

At DWT Digital we specialize in helping businesses getting the most out of their marketing budget and help them setting up an effective and efficient digital advertising and marketing strategy.

With proven results and unmatched experience we will propel your business forward.

Why choose Us? 

We're Affordable

  • Our basic plans start at just $299 a month
  • You can save thousands by not needing an in-house employee
  • Small budget? Let's customize an affordable plan that suits you and gets you results

We're Efficient and Service Oriented

  • We LISTEN carefully to your needs and suggest what is best for your business
  • We are FLEXIBLE and can adjust our strategy to your needs immediately
  • We work on YOUR long term GOALS and not our short-term profit

What we do best! 

Digital Advertising

Getting lost in Facebook or Google Ads?

We set up your advertising campaigns, manage and optimize them throughout and  ensure maximum results.

You will receive weekly and monthly reports on progress and clear explanations on your budget and ads spend.

If you have existing campaigns, we can analyze and optimize those, decrease your ad spending and increase your ROI with less budget.

Learn more on Facebook or Google Ads

Web Development & Sales Funnels 

We build tailor-made, highly converting websites and sales funnels on WordPress. We can also set up funnels with other hosted providers such as ClickFunnels, Lead Pages....

If your existing sales funnels and landing pages aren't getting you the results you need, we will analyze and optimize those for better conversions. Email Automation is essential with any funnel and we offer  highly converting email campaigns using MailChimp, Active Campaign, Get Response or any other provider you prefer.

Learn more on Web Development

Koen and DWT Digital are doing an amazing job running our Facebook Ad Campaigns, getting us results others couldn't, at a lower cost!

Rob Breedlove, Health Connect USA

I was spending money on Facebook Ads but wasn't really sure what  to look out for.  Koen did an amazing audit explaining me at length what and where to improve. I hired him on the spot and he is bringing me amazing results. I also asked him to redesign my website and create new and better landing pages. Best decision I made was hiring him!

JT Tapias, FITmethod 413

 wanted Koen to promote my online courses, and honest as he was, he refused  pointing out that my success would be severely hampered by having on old website with content that was not up to date. He  helped me rebrand, redesigned my website and helped create and design a killer Ebook. My conversions are skyrocketing!

Steve Teunis, EURUSD Fx Trader

Koen is very knowledgeable in the area of digital marketing, social media, and creating a business plan. He answered all my questions in detail and very quickly. Thanks again.

Kay L, Momentium

FREE Facebook Ads Audit 

A Facebook Ads audit consists of two parts:  PART 1 - Campaign Audit and PART 2 - Power Hour Call

Facebook Ads Audit

Comprehensive data report

Social Media Analytics

Power Hour call with recommendations

PART 1 - Campaign Audit

Analysis of following metrics:

  • Ad creative - generates enough attention? Ad copy - sales/conversion optimized? 
  • Landing Page -  sales optimized/conversion? relevancy score
  • Audience Audit - are you targeting the right people?
  • Key Metrics analysis - Reach/Impression, CTR, CPA, CPL, Conversions etc, can they be improved?

PART 2 - Power Hour call

After completing the audit, we will set up a ONE hour online meeting, going over all our findings with you.

We will also give you our recommendations and feed back on what you can change to improve your overall performance.

TOTAL VALUE $197, currently offered FREE of charge

We can GUARANTEE that if you implement the changes we suggest after your audit, your AD COST WILL DECREASE and your ROI and ROAS WILL JUMP HIGHER!

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