The Simple RMD Framework Coaches and Course Creators Use To Change Lives

And Navigate Through The Confusing Marketing Jungle

I've never met someone as creative and conscientious as Koen. He's a person of great Integrity which is rare these days, especially in the online world.

He writes powerful copy and is extremely skilled at building funnels that work! He understands how the sales process all fits together to produce sales. Koen is a rare and extremely valuable find!

ROBERT BENCIVENGA - mindset guru

The Biggest Reasons Your Online Efforts Fail

You Have A Conversion Problem Not A Traffic Problem


You are NOT serving a specific group of people that deeply resonates with you 


You don't know your exact WHO so you are missing the WHY they need your help


With your WHO and WHY misaligned, you have a Message To Market mismatch and no sales


With the first three steps failing you, you struggle to convert regardless which strategy you try

Simple 3-Step RMD Framework That


We make winning The War For Attention Straight Forward


Methodical proven system to understand EXACTLY WHO you serve and WHAT they need 


Highly effective H.S.O (Hook-Story-Offer) Framework to connect you with the needs of your audience


Plugging your Research and Message into a proven, high converting funnel, eliminating all guess work

Why work with us


I have been building funnels and websites since the early 2000s, building hundreds of pages and offers since then. For all the funnels I build we only use the exact same framework high converting funnels use, so we know what converts best.


Click funnels certified funnel builders are using the most recent best practices for digital marketing. I'm an expert which means you never have to worry about finding the perfect funnel. I have the training, skill and experience so that you can concentrate at what you are good at!

conversion rate optimization specialist

Apart from building digital marketing campaigns and writing high converting copy for sales pages, emails and video/webinar scripts, I'm also an accomplished CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) expert. Copy and Conversions go hand in hand, it would be odd to build high converting marketing  campaigns and not knowing what is missing in yours. 


Persuasion Mastery is a high-end advanced-level certification course created by legendary copywriter Jon Benson, designed to develop the skills needed to become a Master Level Persuasion Expert.

These skills were designed to be applied to marketing, sales, and copywriting services, working in tandem with NLP and closing techniques.

I think what you wrote is nothing short of genius. I cannot wait to put this to work. Seriously, I am reading and re-reading. This is a piece of art.

I have never seen anything like this. This can be a masterpiece that will become famous in the industry. 

I could be quoting for this all day. You are a giant, Koen De Wit!


How You Win The War For Attention

Stand out from all the noise and position yourself as the go to expert. Never get lost again in the sea without a compass.

Audience & Market Research

Comprehensive deep dive into the hidden desires and real problems your audience have, which you solve

Strategy Audits & Blueprints

Which will work best for you? Get clear and comprehensive answers on what marketing strategy YOU need for success

Compelling High Converting Copy

No whimsical bland copy here. Straight to the core of your audience to convince and compel them to buy

Campaigns In A Box

Don't want to do it yourself? We will build out your whole campaign. Pages, email automations and follow ups!

Who is Koen De Wit?

Koen De Wit is a serial funnel marketer and persuasion copywriter.
He is obsessed with funnels, human psychology and buying behavior.

 If you think you are in control of your decisions, think again! Marketers use how your brain is wired to influence your decisions.

Koen is on a mission to bring his skills to help coaches and course creators ethically improve their conversion and sales.


What they say

I learned more in an hour on a "discovery call"  than from all the experts I paid for! Very easy to implement with instant results. WOW!

TJ Watkins - Next Level Coaching

As a Fitness Coach I wanted to focus on what I am good at, and not getting lost in the maze.I increased my revenue four fold and I no longer worry about getting clients!

Anton Ferrer - Fitness Coach

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